The new and unrivalled R2000G router from industry leader Amped Wireless extends your wireless coverage up to 10,000 square feet.

For the sake of comparison, a quarter-acre measures 10,000 square feet; five average tract homes, two competition swimming pools, 1 1/2 major league soccer fields and the diamond at Yankee Stadium also measure 10,000 square feet. The R2000G easily blankets any of these spaces with powerful, uninterrupted wireless reception. For less than $200, this compact powerhouse links all the tablets, laptops and smartphones throughout your plant, warehouse or office.

Justifiably proud of his company’s accomplishment, Amped Wireless CEO Jason Owen told reporters that the R2000G will satisfy discriminating homeowners and demanding business people. The new router dramatically boosts wireless coverage, and it increases speed as much as 600Mbps so that users enjoy smooth-streaming music, gaming and video across the full array of popular devices. Speaking at the router’s public unveiling, Owen stressed the R2000G offers by far the most wireless coverage on the market, and he declared his company’s intention to maintain its lead in design and innovation. After extensive testing and rigorous comparison against other routers, the technorati at CNET and lavished their praise on the R2000G, agreeing that the compact signal booster significantly outperforms the competition by every measure.

Great coverage. Powerful streaming.
Retailers and reviewers say consumers have at least four compelling reasons to upgrade to R2000G for their homes or offices:

Industry-leading performance Designed for use in large living and working spaces, the new router features simultaneous dual-band wireless reception up to 10,000 square feet. High-gain antennas, sophisticated power amplifiers and wireless reception amplifiers give users stronger signals over greater distances than ever before. R2000G boasts the industry’s fastest speed—up to 600Mbps; iPads, Internet televisions, and high-powered Android devices deliver peak performance with the router’s strong, steady signal.

Adaptability and connectivity Outfitted with 5x gigabit networking ports, the R2000G allows users to connect devices from their wired networks, and its 2.0 USB port allows network users to share files. Just as importantly, the new router comes fully equipped with premium features: guest networks, parental controls, website blocking, state-of-the-art Wi-Fi security and guest networks. Like all Amped Wireless products, the new router qualifies users for enrollment in Amped Wireless’ Range Increase Guarantee Program that assures timely upgrades as the company introduces new products to the market.

Impressive specs The R2000G combines two dual-band detachable high-gain 5dBi antennas with two 600mW 2.4Ghz amplifiers backed-up with twin 5.0GHz amplifiers and matching low-noise amps. The router’s 620MHz internal processor enables faster networking, and its dual-band 802.11 technology with simultaneous 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz reduces interference and assures steady streaming.

Exceptional customer support and service R2000G users may use their Wi-Fi Analytics Android App to optimize their wireless networks and identify difficulties. Users also have access to Amped Concierges, the company’s U.S.-based, fully in-house support staff; satisfied customers report Amped Concierges “know their routers as if they had invented them themselves.”

Great fit for a growing business.
La Mesa, California plumbing supplier Joneric Towner says he chose to upgrade to the R2000G in preference to other network tools. “I watch how my managers and associates naturally communicate,” Towner explains. “Everybody always, everywhere sends text messages, and they mercilessly use their apps.” Improving the wireless network “represents a natural extension of my employees’ regular habits,” Towner concludes. “And it cost the least among all my alternatives.” He stresses, “How could I possibly complain when I get the very best wireless communications tool for the very lowest price?”

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