Bags do not demand high end fittings like a dress but they have certain level of specifications. There are party bags, formal bags and then some traditional bags to support your ethnic look. With this category as well, the bag needs to go with your body type. A bag with miss match geometry may completely ruin the appeal of your entire look and feel. So, give this accessory some attention and choose it wisely to make yourself a style icon.

Go through these quick tips mentioned out here and educate yourself about selecting the right bag:

Bag for tall and slim body: If you are lucky enough to maintain a body like a professional model then a round voluptuous bag is ideal for you. Within this you can stuff as many of your make up kits and that too effortlessly. The length must be medium, like the bag should rest somewhere just below your boobs, carefully highlighting your slats and curves. Never ever go for a super short tiny bag which hides inside your armpit as this small pouch like bag may create a giant like elusion, further magnifying your height.

Bag for short height and plus size body: If you are of short stature and are in a XXL category then do a diagonally opposite treatment with your bag. Choose a bag using Nearbuy coupons which is slim and have long never ending handles. You can get a perfect match in the sling bag collections; go for rectangular bags with long metallic handles. The extended handles make you look taller and the rectangular shape makes your oval geometry a bit thinner.

Bags for short height and slim body: Small back pack in cute school uniform   look is ideal for your body type. The pouch dangling just over your hips will make you look taller, team it up with ankle length jeans and tees. If you are going for a formal outing then go for big square pouch and carry it over your hands in poise, this serious motion in your look will add on gravity to your otherwise childlike body build.

Match your bags with your outfits: Many women do not find it necessary to change their bag with every outfit, they are always too pre-occupied in transferring their mere belongings from one bag to the other. This kind of regular use of staple bags with every outfit can make you look boring and not so trendy.  So, apart from matching with body shapes, you need to match the bags with your outfits as well to look super trendy.

If you are confused with colors then blindly choose chocolate brown or peach pink, as they never ever betray your look. If you are too confident about yourself and your walk then pick up a shiny black bag with sparkling golden border.  Always keep some bags ready at hand and Jabong promo code can be of real help for you in this regard.  Your thoughtful research on your bag will surely attract others and get you all the desired attention wherever you go.