Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It is your private space in your house where you can relax and unwind after a tiring day out. The decor and furnishing of your bedroom should be as special as the room itself. Without suitable furniture and inviting design elements, your bedroom is simply a four-walled enclosure. How you transform this space into an alluring and comfortable refuge is your responsibility.

You do not necessarily need a professional to help you choose the perfect ensemble of design, style, and furniture. All you need to do is let go of your inhibitions, and let your artistic creativity take wings.

Simple Design Ideas For Creating Elegant Bedrooms

Are you still feeling unsure and hesitant? Let me help you out. Here are few home design ideas that you could implement to make your bedroom look like the personal haven it is:

Do Not Over Accessorize!

Adding to many components to your design can make your bedroom look cluttered and unorganized. Sometimes, keeping it simple is the most elegant style. While you are making a list for your bedroom furniture, ensure that you invest in only the essentials. Every bedroom needs a  comfortable bed, two suitable bedside tables, a writing table and chair, a dresser and few spacious cabinets. It is best not to leave trinkets and knick-knacks lying around. You could invest in some beautiful storage boxes for organizing these items properly.

The additional blankets/quilts can be stored and hidden away in storage benches. A good bed with ample storage space inside is also a smart way of minimizing visible clutter in your bedroom.

The availability of space and finance are important factors to be considered when shopping for your bedroom needs.

The Tricks Color can Play on your Mood

It is a scientifically proven fact that color has a powerful impact on our moods. Colors have continuously been used in decor and design to incite the right feelings. Come to think of it, how many times have you come across a yellow painted discotheque or a red painted hospital? I am sure the answer is never!

Blue and light green is the shade for rejuvenation and relaxation. Your bedroom should be furnished and designed according to this color theme. You could also add in other pale colors including gray, plum and taupe for creating a more contemporary and creative aspect. The practice of painting the wall behind the bed black is also a popular trend.

It is best to not add too many bold and bright colors in your bedroom. Bright and dramatic colors instill excitement in your mood. Coming home tired, to a dramatically painted bedroom, could make you restless instead of refreshed. Instead of bright paints, bold colored bed linen could be used.

Accentuating the Visual Appeal

As far as bedroom decor goes, simplicity means sophistication and elegance. Instead of overdoing your furnishing with too many themes and designs, it is better to stick to a single theme. The latest trend is highlighting your bedroom esthetics through tasteful contemporary and voguish embellishments.

You could bring in some unique glass and metal base table lamps. Simple pendant lights in place of extravagant chandeliers look more exquisite and attractive. Modern avant-garde decor and ornamentation could change the complete look of your bedroom.

Your bedroom is your place to rest after a long day at work. Putting in a little extra effort to make your sanctuary even more appealing and charming is a very small price to pay for the invaluable future comforts it will give.