Your small business is growing and your current headquarters are starting to feel a little bit tight. While you’ve successfully scaled your business, you’ve probably upgraded your office inventory and hired a few more employees. The next rational move is to pack everything and change the premises. You’ll need a much bigger space in order to keep your company growing. The more space you have, the more satisfied and motivated your employees will be in dealing with their everyday tasks. Before you move, it would be great to consider tips listed below. Those should come in handy if you decide to move soon.

Choose the right location

While searching for a perfect location, keep in mind to look around. Your new office should have enough parking space for your employees and it would be great to be accessible by road. You should make sure that you have cafes, restaurants, and shops within walking distance since your employees would like to have a post-work Friday drink. Another great spot for your new office should be near the bank, post office, or even a gym.

Think about the costs

Be aware of your budget size at any time. Once you’ve decided to change the premises, make sure to include all possible costs that may come along the way. For instance, if you’re buying an office via the real estate agent, don’t forget about their fee, which will be added to the mortgage payment. On the other hand, if you are leasing or renting your new HQ, keep in mind that some additional maintenance charges may apply. Check if you have to take care of furniture, office supplies, and utilities.

Find the right size

As already mentioned, you are probably moving since your company got bigger and new employees will join you soon. Before you put your initials on the lease contract, make sure to find the office that is big enough, and most importantly, think about future growth. Renting a little bigger office that you currently need won’t be a mistake since it will probably get crowded soon enough.

High priority areas

Think about your space and the needs of your employees. Having a gaming room shouldn’t be a priority at this moment. You should work on optimal functionality and make sure that you have all needed facilities. You should look for a decent-sized kitchen, a casual meeting area with comfy furniture, a high-quality bathroom. You probably won’t need more than a few meeting rooms, but you’ll know what to choose depending on the size of your business.

Work on design

The best way to set up your new office is to make it as flexible as possible. That way, your employees will feel comfortable and their productivity will increase. Listen to your gut and be creative. You should make your office look spacious and comfy, and very professional on the other hand. You’ll easily find the balance between those if you consider your business niche and your employees’ needs.

Clean before you leave

Once you’ve found the new office space, you should make sure to pack everything you’re going to take with you. The experts from supercheap storage solutions highly recommend decluttering your old space before you move. Choose the stuff you really need and take it with you. Everything else should be donated or put in a few rented storages. This action will be crucial in your effort to keep the new office tidy, clean and decluttered.

Contact your suppliers

Before you put your stuff in moving vans, make sure that you’ve contacted your suppliers. You don’t want to waste any time in a new space. You should have water, electricity, and internet from the first day. Your suppliers will be happy to transfer all of your accounts to a new office, just make sure to let them know at least one month before the actual move.

Sort your insurance policies

A lot of people actually forget to cancel their old insurance policies before they pay for the new ones. If you make the same mistake you’ll get yourself unneeded costs, and that money could be spent for a much better cause. If you are unable to choose the best insurance option for your new office, make sure to hire a professional insurance broker. With their help, you’ll be in a position to score a better deal.


Once you’ve got yourself well informed about the challenges that may occur in the way of transferring the company, you’ll know exactly what to do. Get yourself organized, focused and relaxed. All anxiety should disappear if you made a detailed plan. Once you see all steps you should take, moving to a bigger office space is going to be a great experience.