Have you ever wondered what actually happens after you file a claim for your car’s insurance? As the owner of car, you should be well aware of the procedure that your Car Insurance company follows to investigate the claim.

Although, the method/ steps followed by an Insurance Company depends on various factors like the policies of the company, damages after the accident or the nature of the accident. But there are some steps which are used commonly in all the cases. This blog will help you know about these steps in detail.

Step 1: The Time You File a Claim

A claim adjustor is assigned to deal with the issue immediately after a person files the claim. The job of this adjustor is to review the policies in order to be sure that the car possessor is covered. The insurance provider can also look for the following details in order to get a better understanding of the case

  • Reach the other driver for details
  • Seek responses from the witness of the accident
  • Inspect the car and the place of accident
  • Take pictures
  • Seek your medical information through medical release forms or your medical providers

Step 2: To Get Medical Care and Repairs of the Vehicle

To start with the process, your Insurance Company takes the responsibility to cover the medical expenses and repairing cost. Later, when the claim is filed and the fault is judged, your Insurance Company can negotiate with the Insurance Company of other driver and decide on legal terms about who should pay.

A)  In the case of Medical Bills

The claim may include medical expenses as incurred at the time of accident. To be able to cover those expenses, the claim adjuster will look at evidences of the medical bills. To do so, the adjuster will need a signed permission to access the medical records. You may wish to talk to a personal injury attorney to know if signing the document is in your interest. Information in the records can help to determine the value of the claim.

B)  In case of Vehicle Repairs

Repairing vehicle can come with several options. Here are some factors that can come while getting repairs for your vehicle.

  • Getting your vehicle repaired from the company aligned with or approved by your Car Insurance company.
  • If you wish to get the repairs from the shop of your wish, you may just have to pay the difference amount.

Step 3: Help the Providers with Everything Possible

To be sure that your claim gets approved with the best settlement, you need to provide each and every possible information. The claim adjuster may ask you to remember the event. It is in the best of your interest to co operate with him.

Also, you may have to submit the below-mentioned documents as asked by your Insurance company.

  • Date of accident
  • Location
  • Policy number
  • Description
  • Information of other party
  • Police report number and names

Make sure that you keep such information intact so that it can be presented as and when required by your claim providers.

Step 4: Going through Official Records and Claims

The adjuster will review the claims and evidences like bills, medical records, property damages and wage loss proofs to be able to take action adequately.