Being at the next level in muscle development is all about training smart. There is a lot of training myths people have that won’t die, and holds them from gaining muscle mass.

Muscle growth may not be as precise as it may seems, it happens on a much bigger level. Your body is not interested in building muscles and getting bigger, it is interested in surviving and remaining the same. So, by performing repeated workouts, your body will quickly adapt to this form of stress and eventually stay the same.

Here are the 7 training myths that kill muscle growth and you can highlight the ones always holding you back from achieving your full potential.

 7 Training Myths That Kill Muscle Growth

Basic Exercises Only

Basic exercises like the squat, dead lift and the bench press will automatically help you get muscle mass but not to mean they are the only sets of exercises that can help you gain mass. What makes you grow is the stress you apply in form of weights.

Proper weight training requires more than just a bunch of constantly repeated basic exercises. You should have a strategic balanced approach for getting bigger.

 7 Training Myths That Kill Muscle Growth

You Should Train Everyday

As a matter of fact, you ought not to. You should train hard for about 3-4 days in a week and then allow your body to grow. At Times, you can engage in something else less strenuous like swimming. As a matter of fact, our muscle grows when in bed and at the dinner table.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Strength

To be a man, you have to be strong; you have every reason to worry about getting strong. If you want to build bigger muscles there’s no two way about it-Move big weights.

Training machines are safer compared to free weights.

Think of it this way, when in pain it would feel a lot better doing push ups on rings and moving around the pain than being locked up into a range of emotions that you cannot control.

Also, when you use training machines, you isolate muscle groups. The stabilizing muscle group found in the joints takes a back seat. Neglecting this muscle groups for too long poses a risk of developing chronic injury and poor posture.

 7 Training Myths That Kill Muscle Growth

You Should Not Train Heavy

The only secret to building muscles is training heavy. Always use heavy weights to do 5-10 repetitions. If you’re older or even strong enough, you can push this up to about 12 – 15 repetitions.

Body Weight Exercises Aren’t Muscle Builders

It’s very ironical that the people who say this are the very ones who regularly list chins and dips on their top ten exercise lists. Body weight exercises can just be as effective –or even more effective-than committing entirely on iron. The key to quality training is lifting to the point of fatigue.

You Can’t Get a Thing If a Workout Doesn’t Last at Least an Hour

This myth holds a lot of people back from even beginning to train. If you always find yourself busy, a 30 or 15 minutes training, 3 times per week is better than nothing.

 7 Training Myths That Kill Muscle Growth

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