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Tips To Maintain Your Garage Doors In Good Shape

The garage door of your house is one such moving part that needs to be inspected and maintained from time to time. Depending on your opening system from chain drive to belt drive it is important to lubricate garage door for smooth operations. Here are few basic tips on how to maintain a garage door in top shape:

Since the door is the only moving part of the garage, it should be checked to manage the smooth opening of the door. Proper maintenance consists of inspection of all the hardware such as moving parts like cables, door springs, rollers, and other hardware. Check for the spaces for wear and tear along with broken parts. You may simply use some DIY projects to perform minor repairs.

Do remember, though your DIY projects are good to handle many small repairs, a qualified service technician should be able to handle complicated tasks. The springs are under the high tension and they can cause heavy injury if handled improperly.


Lubrication also plays an important part in the maintenance of the door. Moving parts require periodic lubrication. Here how you can clean the following pieces:

Always use the manufacturer’s information label about adjustment details and lubrication requirements. Check the manual if you have received it, if not, refer to the internet or local service technician for the same.

Your garage door opener controls many of its features that require frequent monitoring. The opening system is designed in such a manner that it shuts down in a case of any malfunction. All the garage doors openers must use optic sensors to check any object or person in the pathway of the door. Optic sensors should be aimed towards each other to allow the uninterrupted blame of light to flow across. In case the lights sensor eyes get out of alignment, the system will simply shut down.

Understand your system to avoid sudden shut down of the system. Garage companies also suggest the frequent test of your opening system. If you hear any scraping, grinding, or whirling sound it indicates a problem in the motor, gears, and sliding system. To rectify the cause you should call a qualified service technician.