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Save Your Business Money By Using Server Hosting

Server hosting has become the new in thing for every business, due to the amount of costs they can cut within their company. By placing their servers into a dedicated warehouse they are cutting many of the costs down and also making their data more secure.

Cutting The Costs

The costs of running an IT department are exponentially high, especially with our economy right now. There are actually two types of server hosting and they are:

It is not just the cost of the IT department you are cutting, you are also cutting down on electricity costs for your business. Just one server running all day, everyday will cost £3 for 36-kilowatt-hours-burned, add this up over the month and that would be approximately £90, over the year you are looking on £1080!

The Prices Of Hosting Your Server

The prices can vary depending on the managed or unmanaged service. You are able to get a basic managed Linux package from just £15, now think of the savings from the IT department and the savings on the electricity. You would save £115 just on the electricity!

What Are My Options?

What you should do here is simply shop around and get as many quotes as you possibly can, as you want the best price you can get for the best savings. You can get quotes from using the Internet or business directory books. Call at least 5 companies and tell them exactly what you require, write those prices down and see which one would best suit you and your company.

Bio: Tim Pat Dufficy is the managing director and founder of Server Space Limited, which provides managed and unmanaged server hosting services for various sectors. In 2012, Deloitte positioned Server Space Limited as the tenth fastest growing tech company in the UK. Since 2006, its services have allowed IT managers to sleep at night knowing their servers are located in a secure, custom-built data centre with 24/7 monitoring.