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How To Calculate Spam Score?

Google updated many tools for penalizing the website who is not following white hat techniques for optimizing their website. A new feature was introduced in the open site explorer to identify how severely the website is affected by the Google updates. This feature is spam score where all subdomains are given a spam flag score each flag represents some percentage of spam probability and its score card is applicable to subdomains only not for the pages or root domain.

Spam can be Analyzed by

We can’t find how many bad links are pointing to our website, do a quick spam analysis and check whether they are enough to cause spam.

Spam analysis will not analyze completely, we have to remove links from our website which are pointing to any other website which is affected by spam or if  links pointing to our website are present in some other website than asked that website owner to remove that link.

Spam analysis will not go to find every bad link you have to analyze by your experience. In doing so, we need best SEO services India which hires experienced SEO engineers to tackle the issues. Each spam flag catches some profiles, anchor text, bad links to analyze the percentage of websites being spam. Spam Link analysis can be done by

On Page Flags which Leads to Spam

Spam score will not help you completely for identifying the spam related issues, but some points where you can overcome that. Spam analysis features are included in the open site explorer which can be accessed by the subscriber only. If you want to have  a look how it really works you can register as a free trial and check. Online reputation management company India follows the same techniques to identify spam and try to find out various solutions to tackle these issues.