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FXI’s Cotton Candy Linux PC is Pretty Sweet

The world of tech is decreasing in size while offering huge performance. With new gadgets allowing manufacturers to create smaller computing options, FXI has jumped on the mini-bus. Their new Cotton Candy Linux PC is the size of a thumb drive but still offers all the features you come to expect from Linux.


What it is:

Whether you prefer tablets or laptops, the PC has just gotten even smaller. FXI has launched a thumb drive sized PC that runs Linux Ubuntu, an open source OS, or you can opt to run Android 4.0. The PC has a USB plug on one side to power it and on the other side an HDMI port for your display. The small PC includes WiFi and Bluetooth for internet connectivity and Bluetooth input devices.


Though small in size the computing power is impressive. It has 1GB of RAM and a Mali 400MP GPU capable of decoding high-definition video. The stick can be run as a stand-alone computer or plugged into a computer and booted the same way as any other USB storage device. Below are the full specs of this full functioning thumb PC.






FXI’s Cotton Candy will be available in different colors to match your personal preference. As mobile technology advances, more compact computing solutions are expected in the future.


Currently the Cotton Candy PC is only available on pre-order. The price is $199 excluding tax and shipping and is available on FXI’s website. This is the first of its kind however, it is expected that the future of thumb sized computing will become increasingly popular. With smaller technology leading the way for consumers, it won’t be long until everyone will be carrying their computers on their key chains.

Jeremy Thompson is a Linux content contributor and programmer that suggests the latest Fedora Download for those looking for an alternative to Windows.